with casting director Nick Anderson, CSA

Sundays, Starting at 4:00pm - 5/11, 5/18, (skip 5/25), 6/1, 6/8 - $225

Open to teens and adults!

*You are not guaranteed a spot in class until your payment has been received

The business of being funny.

This unique Intensive focuses on the structure of comedy. From 3-camera and single-camera sitcoms to film and stage technique, Nick will work on your sense of comedic acting.

Learn how to break a scene apart by identifying triplets (jokes), choosing the correct comedic device for the material, and stringing them all back together to create a comic whole.

Work with one of the most prolific Casting Directors in the business.  Nick Anderson is well-known for his energy, honesty and real, working knowledge of casting.

Early registration is recommended, as seating is limited


Nick Anderson, CSA
Casting Director

Before opening is own office Nick worked with many top casting houses including:

Junie Lowry Johnson Casting

TRUE BLOOD *the office won the 2008 Emmy for Outstanding Casting for a Drama Series
UGLY BETTY *the office won the 2007 Emmy for Outstanding Casting for a comedy Series 
IN TREATMENT *the office was nominated for the 2008 Artios for TV Pilot - Drama

Dava Waite Casting

MY NAME IS EARL *the office won the 2006 Emmy and 2007 Artios a comedy series

Tracy Lillienfield Casting


Alison Jones Casting



Now on his own Nick has been hard at work casting a full slate of projects from EMPIRES OF THE DEEP a $100 million film shot in Beijing staring Olga Kurylenko from Quantum of Solace,  SAVAGE COUNTY a series for Mtv, ARCHETYPE a film staring David Anders from Heroes & Vampire Diaries and Robert Joy from CSI: NY & Land of the Dead and even a celebrity game show called STARLICISOUS. He has been casting films, tv series, commercials and even the occasional short. 

Click here for his IMDB page!

Learn what the networks are really looking for!


I loved Nick Anderson right when I first met him at the party before he even introduced himself to me. Then yesterday he absolutely blew me away with his honesty, generosity, and vast knowledge base! ~ Will Eppes

Just want to let you guys know I started in Nick [Anderson]'s drama class on Sunday and it is such a blessing. I have not learned these things at all and I  have been in a lot of acting classes and spent a lot of money. Knowing this a while back could have booked me some gigs I did not get. Oh well here's to the future.  ... I can't wait to do his comedy class too!  Courtni Siazon

...I just found out I booked the new P.T. Anderson film...I will be playing opposite Daniel Day Lewis!!!! I wanted to... express my PROFOUND APPRECIATION once again to you.  You give so much to whoever is willing to absorb it.  You have a tremendous gift, I am blessed to have been about to sit at the NICK ANDERSON TABLE and FEAST!!!!   Mary Elizabeth Barrett

Nick Anderson is an amazing man and teacher. This class is just beyond...every comic actor should have Nick's techniques in their treasure chest of usable tools. Bravo.  Kathy McGraw

"Just wanted to let you know I was at the theatrical showcase on Tuesday night and you have got a good one with Nick.  He was really good at having an open discussion about what I should do in front of the agents (my monologue is pretty theatrical) and I was very impressed with how he could relate to what I was wanting to do on a lot of's rare to find that.  He was helpful and was a great guide but also listened to my 'side' of things without being critical.  It was a very humbling experience and I left very impressed with him as a guide for us, as a casting director, and as a person."  "Okay, so first night down and Nick is so real, helpful, truthful, and AMAZING - i wish they sold him in stores. And thank you again for getting me in there. Listening to some of the advice/notes Nick gave was priceless." Kyra Groves

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